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We decided to take a deep breath from the typography, signs and all this this and we chartered a yacht in Croatia. It was one of the best sailing weeks. So we left behind znaki, typografia, website typo.com.pl

Next day we visited Zadar through yacht. Since my daughter was very curious to travel in a yacht and decided for yacht charter to visit. I wanted to enquire the yacht man about the important places in Zadar. I thought he will speak in Croatia (Croatian) language but he spoke in English. Then I get to know many places in Zadar and visited all those places in the day. We took many photos in Zadar. My daughter instantly shared those pictures with her friends.


My first trip with my other half to Croatia
Whenever I get vacation I use to travel to different places. I will either take my family or I’ll go with my friends and enjoy the holidays. But this time I am going to travel with my wife since we are newly married. I want to spend some time with my better half in a better place. Hence i was searching for the best place to visit. I have also asked my wife to find a place as she expects. She spent two days and explored many interesting and most beautiful places to visit. Finally she chose Croatia for our vacation.

Typografia znaki czcionki TYPO
She wants me to take a look at the images that she gathered from internet. I have seen all those pictures and they were very impressive. So i booked the tickets for both of us arranged our accommodation with the help of my friend’s tourist agency. Since it was our first trip to a location, my friend offered me the tickets for free. We reached Split in the Monday evening and we moved to the hotel where our accommodation has been arranged. The room was very luxurious and it has more facilities than we expect.

It was the first day for us in Split. We get ready and went to a restaurant for breakfast. I asked my wife to choose the food item that she wants. Then we had out breakfast and planned to roam around the city. I enquired about the important places to be visited in Split with the restaurant owner. We have visited many places in Croatia with our yacht that the restaurant owner said. I could feel that my wife is enjoying the day. I made me very happy and i felt very satisfied. Then we came back to our hotel and took rest.

Yachts in Split

Trogir – How to rent yacht in Croatia?
My wife said that she wants to visit Trogir which is very near to Split. So i hired a car and take her to Trogir. It just took around 45 minutes to reach the place from our hotel. I was surprised when we reach the place because i thought that it will be a usual city but then i came to know that it is a historic town.

Croatia offers sych boats as Lagoon 440, Lagoon 420 or Nautitech 47. All of them are big and great. You can find all of them here un der the following link in this section: yacht rent Croatia and have great fun from such wonderful yacht. Croatian coast has many marinas, bigger and smaller, nicer and pretty. You can choose any of them. You can find many charter possibilities here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnvxWcVIssw

or here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/velmundicom/about/


W dniach 21-25 marca 2011 odbyły się warsztaty typograficzne prowadzone przez Lucasa De Groot.

I feel very excited to visit all the places in the city. Since my wife felt hungry, we found a restaurant and had our breakfast. Then we started to roam around the city. Most of the people in this location are speaking the Croatia (Croatian) language. My wife was very excited to see those historic places. We have taken many photos in every places and this was also a great day for us.

Yacht charter Croatia

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This picture shows yachts in Croatia, which are available for charter. You can search through different criteria: cabins, berths, age of the yacht, period of charter.

On our third day, we planned to visit Pula which is a coastline city. Therefore i was thinking about yacht charter once we finalised Croatia as our destination for this vacation. So i hired a yacht for travelling to Pula. It was an excellent experience to travel in a yacht to a long distance. We visited the amphitheatre which is very familiar in Pula. It was a great day in Pula.

Pula Charter

TYPE TALKS 2011 – Zeszłoroczne dwudniowe sympozjum o typografii, znakach i czcionkach odbyło się w Poznaniu w dniach 18–19 czerwca 2011.